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First Aid for the Wind Turbine Industry

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

First Aid tailored for Wind Turbine Workers. Meeting the First Aid Wind Turbine Standards.

This course is designed to meet the requirements for those working in the Wind Turbine Industry, It includes the contents of the approved training standards for First Aid Wind Turbines (FAWT)

This FAWT (VTQ) Qualification may be taken to requalify existing and about to expire First Aid Certificates as a 2 day course that can be delivered at your workplace

OR as a Blended Course.

Blended? Splendid!

Complete our easy online content and follow up with only one day in the classroom. Reduce time away from work and save costs as well as reduced emissions from transport to class.

Contact us direct for discussion and how we can lend a helping hand to further reduce costs for group/corporate & business discounts.

Commited to supporting the aim of reducing net zero emission

Contributing to support your business Environment Goals

"Protecting & Improving our global environment"

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